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.ONLINE is the new domain extension providing private individuals, companies and organisations with new opportunities for a suitable internet address. Whether used privately or for business, for communications, a blog or a shop, the possibilities are practically endless. We are expecting you to be able to use this opportunity to present yourself to the very best as early as 2015. Get .online too!

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What’s on the Internet is going to become even more varied over the next few years, and hundreds of new domain extensions are going to give internet users lots more options for registering their personalised dream addresses. Here, the varied options for use of .ONLINE domains can offer you an ideal framework for a striking internet presence. With more than 252 million registered domains (as of Dec. 31, 2012), most terms have long been snapped up or can only be obtained at extremely high prices from commercial domain exchanges; the .ONLINE namespace is a completely new territory and so anyone can secure the most desirable internet addresses at an appropriate price.

“Online” is popular

The .ONLINE domain can be used all over the world and is just as good in America as it is in Europe, in Australia as it is in Africa, or even in Asia. The term “online” is simple, well-known and yet powerful. Almost every person on the planet will understand its meaning; in addition, the word “online” is one of the most-used search terms on the internet and is the most popular word in domains, as can be seen from sales returns on the commercial domain name secondary market. .ONLINE will allow domains to be shorter and more to the point in future, and thus easier to find with search engines.

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We are already living online: we get information online, we educate ourselves online and we watch films and video for fun online. We go shopping online, we book our vacations online and we can now even go to the gym online. We work online, we spend our leisure time and meet our friends online. .ONLINE domains provide us with a universal opportunity to communicate with one another. They are perfect to fill with any content you can imagine, from news to photos and videos to commercial websites and shops. Website operators thus have all the freedoms that are no longer provided by existing domain extensions.

.ONLINE service
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By registering your .ONLINE domain, not only are you reachable round the globe at a memorable online address from which you can send and receive emails, but you also gain access to an exclusive package of services including the most secure technology, a specially trained service team and, on request, a personal trustee.

.ONLINE security.

Thanks to their first-class security standards, .ONLINE domains provide comprehensive protection from unauthorized access by third parties. For the very best protection of your private affairs, you can also employ an independent trustee as the administrator of your .ONLINE domain and so reliably shield your sensitive personal data. You and your private address can thus remain completely anonymous, should you so wish.

An .ONLINE domain means you are absolutely safe, as well - the technology partner we have selected is none other than Afilias, a company of renown and the second-largest registry service provider in the world. Afilias has been responsible for the domain extensions .org, .info, .mobi and .pro for years, as well as for numerous national extensions such as .in or .me. It administrates a total of more than 24 million domains, so you can be sure that your own .ONLINE domain is also in the best hands. It is a simple matter for you to register your desired domain with your choice of provider.

A global commitment
.ONLINE gets to the point with social engagement.

While for most people it is a matter of course to go online anywhere at any time, there are unfortunately still too many people in the world who cannot do this. For .ONLINE, our name is also our policy – we are thus pursuing the goal of connecting more and more people to the internet and linking them up on line. A small contribution is often enough to have a really large effect and so for every domain name registration with a .ONLINE extension, part of the revenues are donated to a charitable undertaking. As the registry operators of .ONLINE, we give every .ONLINE owner the opportunity of bringing to the attention of individuals and companies those projects that are particularly close to your heart and worthy of support. At the moment we are in the process of gathering information - use the contact form to tell us which projects we should support! We are collecting suggestions and will present these for discussion and selection after the .ONLINE launch.

Contacting .ONLINE
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Whether it's for a private home page, the internet presence of a start-up firm or a great brand, for an online shop or a video page, a .ONLINE domain is always the right choice. Do you have any questions about the new .ONLINE domain? Get in touch with us, we would be delighted to give you more details in person with a non-binding discussion of your options!

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