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.VIP is the new and exclusive domain extension for celebrities and prominent personalities from the world of politics, economics, science, art, fashion, sports and entertainment. From 2016, all of these, as well as top-class service providers and luxury and lifestyle brands, will exclusively be able to hit the scene with the protected namespace of .VIP - guaranteeing maximum impact for their presence in the digital spotlight!

celebrity shows its colors.

The internet is going to get even more diverse over the next few years, with hundreds of new domain extensions providing internet users with more options for registering their ideal address. Here is where the exclusivity of the .VIP domain offers an ideal framework for striking internet presences and dialogue with both your fans and your peers.

Your .VIP presence
in the best company.

Celebrated, admired, esteemed and surrounded by fans – celebrities, famous people and personalities are the center of attention all over the world. Experience the same exclusivity on the internet in future: your personal address in the digital spotlights is waiting for you with the new domain extension .VIP - for more presence, reach and publicity.

.VIP potential
be found and seen.

Celebrities stick together with .VIP - the allocation process of .VIP ensures that only a select circle of clients may register a .VIP domain. Managed personally by us, the namespace guarantees that both private individuals and companies can enjoy on the internet exactly the same exclusivity and attention that they are used to in their daily lives – thanks to .VIP.

Not only the domain itself, but also your personal email address linked to .VIP (e.g. will also make your .VIP domain a virtual luxury address in a unique chic location, to be noticed and admired by every one of your friends, acquaintances and business partners.

.VIP service
exclusive and comprehensive.

Registering your .VIP domain will not just propel you into the digital spotlight, with the ability to send and receive emails and to set up your own very personal website, you will also receive an exclusive package of services, like a state-of-the-art web construction kit, the most secure technology, a specially trained service team and a trustee service. Our services for our demanding clientele also include specially tailored first-hand information, exclusive services and exceptional events that are offered exclusively to owners of .VIP domains.

.VIP security
top of the range.

Thanks to top of the range security with first-class technical standards, .VIP domains can guarantee you comprehensive protection from unauthorized access by third parties. To completely protect your private life, you can additionally set up an independent trustee as the administrator of your .VIP domain in order to safeguard your sensitive private data reliably. This will keep you and your private address completely anonymous, should you so wish.

A .VIP domain also means you are playing it safe in every respect. We have engaged the renowned company Afilias, the second-largest registry service provider in the world, as our technology partner. Afilias has been responsible for the domain extension .org, .info., .mobi and .pro for years, as well as for countless country extensions such as .in or .me, and manages a total of more than 24 million domains. So you can be sure your own .VIP domain is also in the best technical hands and you can easily register your desired domain name with the provider of your choice.

.VIP’s good reputation
gets to the point with social engagement.

A small contribution is often enough to have a really large effect: a promising project that cannot be realised without financial support or a family that cannot get out of the poverty trap on its own because of sickness or unemployment. For every domain name registration with a .VIP extension, part of the revenues are donated to a charitable undertaking. As the .VIP registry operator, we give all .VIP domain-owners the opportunity of informing people and companies of the projects closest to their hearts that are most deserving of funding. At the moment we are in the suggestions phase – use our contact form to tell us which projects we should support! We will collect your suggestions and present them for discussion and voting after the .VIP launch.

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Are you a well-known personality in the field of politics, business, science, art, fashion, sports or entertainment? Do you provide top-class services or luxury and lifestyle brands and have any questions about your .VIP domain? Get in touch with us, we’d be delighted to tell you more about your options in a personal conversation with no obligation!

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Note: VIP is a registered trademark of i-content Ltd., whose exclusive licensee is  I-REGISTRY® Ltd.